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Greek Theater

I don't normally post entries with photographs that one of me LJ friends has already shared. But in this case I have to make an exception. The fact that I spent several hours yesterday discussing life and politics with an articulate American soldier who explained, in detail, the injuries he suffered in Iraq already had me feeling the burden of history with special force. Seeing this remarkable photo tonight pushed me over the edge:

That's me on the right, one of my oldest and best friends -- and the person who inspired me to start blogging here -- cpratt in the middle, at his graduation from UC Berkeley back in May, 1992, and his then-partner Mark Bingham on the left, someone who I always got along famously with and with whom I would love to share my frustration at the officiating, not to mention bad luck, that plagued tonight's contest at Maples Pavilion. Mark was as true a Bear of the Cal variety as you could ever hope to find, someone who made me swell with pride for my alma mater even in defeat. Here's hoping that there are plenty of stupid tree mascots for you to defile in the next life, Mark. You deserve it.
Tags: archive, autobiography, bay area, friends, history, nostalgia, photography
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