Charlie Bertsch (cbertsch) wrote,
Charlie Bertsch

Nothing Saying

For reasons that are both completely translucent and disturbingly opaque, I am passing this week drained of the desire to communicate. I mean, I have more than enough motive to stop sharing right now. But that usually acts as a spur to my writing. Perhaps I'm just tired or possessed of a bug that worms its way into the psyche. Anyway, rather than acting out one of the blog crises that my friends here seem to keep having, I will try to wait out this emptiness in the hopes of returning to my regular routine over the next few days. Just composing this entry seems to be giving me some momentum. Who knows? Maybe I just need to dispense with the demand I am presently perceiving to make extensive use of excessive alliteration and consonance. . .
Tags: blogging, everyday, health
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