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Scary, Scary

I pulled this image from the gallery on the Bush campaign website.

I hazard that we're supposed to feel good about our fearless leader's decisiveness. He's speaking; the Russian looks on.

Problem is, the Russian has such a fearsome visage that the "backdrop" bulges forward into our consciousness, ruining the desired effect.

We may fear what George's minions are doing, but it's hard fear him as a person. He's too plodding, unfocused.

Vladimir, on the other hand, knows how lock onto a target.

A friend of mine once referred to the "thousand yard stare" of a former secret serviceman being interviewed on TV. I'd heard the metaphor before that, but it only became palpable for me at that moment.

Ever since, I've looked for people with that "thousand yard stare." Dick Cheney has it. Putin, however, has a ten thousand yard stare.

Incidentally, I just love photographs in which people are gazing outside the frame, creating conflicting focal points in the negative space beyond the image itself.

For me, this is an outstanding photograph. It's also one of the scariest pictures I've seen in a long while.


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