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I Need Your Help!

I've started blogging at an internet news start-up called All Voices, which is one of the more promising attempts to blur the line between traditional media and user-generated content. I want All Voices to succeed. And I want my own contributions to be acknowledged and appreciated. To that end, I'll be posting periodic entries letting you know that I've published something there. While not quite a popularity contest, the way All Voices is set up makes it important to show evidence of positive feedback from readers. So, if you read what I've posted there and like it, please do give me the figurative "thumbs up" and, if you're so inclined, comment.

My plan is to write two or three All Voices entries a week, with the longer term goal of compiling some of them together into a book that tackles the political landscape in the United States from a cultural perspective, focusing more specifically on the peculiar blend of patriotism and hostility towards government that has dominated American society since the Reagan Revolution. For now, though, I just want to get into a writing groove, since it has been a while since I wrote regularly about politics.

My first entry reflected on the way in which Jerry Brown's 1992 campaign for the Democratic Presidential nomination prefigured Barack Obama's rise in 2008. And the one I just posted today muses on the deeper implications of the American media's extensive coverage of Russia's turn back towards authoritarianism. Given the nature of this sort of blogging, my entries will represent speculative exercises more than fully fleshed out positions. But I hope to have them build on each other as I write my way towards a more concrete map for my book.
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