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It's strange that the Pac-10 men's team with the easy win today was Washington State, since they tend to grind out victories. But I guess the hurting they put on my Bears on February 28th at Haas -- after Cal beat them in Pullman earlier -- was less of an aberration than it seemed at the time. Still, Notre Dame looked strong coming in. Bobby Knight -- who clearly shares the ESPN bias against the Pac-10 -- and a host of other commentators expected the Fighting Irish to prevail. As for the other two Pac-10 teams, their games were a lot more fun to follow but also a reminder that both need to play hard all the time if they want to keep playing. For all of their experience and talent, UCLA is too lacking in consistent offensive weapons, aside from Kevin Love, to coast the way that North Carolina, Kansas or Memphis can against a lesser team playing strong defense. And Stanford's low-post game requires a little lubricant from the wings, corners and top of the key to function smoothly. But let's be done with the critique: the Pac-10 has three teams in the Sweet Sixteen again!
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