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One For the Road

I hadn't written for Tikkun since my friend Joel left his post there as Managing Editor. But then a publicist sent me an excellent record that was a perfect fit for the magazine's readership. I decided that, although my future probably lies elsewhere, I should at least do what I could to give the record some of the press it deserves.

I have also concluded, on a related note, that I am going to have blow my own ____ a bit more than I have in the past, both here and elsewhere, so that I may one day get some of the press I -- oh, what the hell, I'll use the word -- deserve. Please be patient with me, though, as I find self-promotion painfully awkward. I'm going to try to leaven the process by revisiting things I've already published, not just for the sake of declaring, "I did this," but with an eye towards reflecting critically on their composition and, where applicable, the differences between what I was thinking then and what I am thinking now.

I ended up doing an absurd amount of work prior to writing the review for Tikkun, most of it invisible to anyone but me. I'm not complaining, though, since there are worse things in life than reading Romanticism in German. Then, once I'd actually finished the piece, it got lost in the shuffle at Tikkun, delaying its publication. But now it's out, finally, in the March/April issue. Here are the first two paragraphs:
Interestingly, although the record doesn't exactly scream out "Review me!" to the sort of people likely to receive it in the mail, Gene Armstrong of the Tucson Weekly made it one of the paper's three reviews of the week a while back. He did a good job, too. Tikkun isn't making my review available online, but you can download it here.

Oh, and if any of you would like to catch up on the work I did for the magazine back when I was a regular contributor, you should go check out this page, which features everything I did except the current review. And you should do so with haste, since I don't think this page will make it through their next site redesign.
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