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April 14, 1839

Why can't I use the ampersand?:
The philosopher has a good deal of knowledge which cannot be abstractly imparted, which needs the combinations & complexity of social action to paint it out, as many emotions in the soul of Handel and Mozart are thousand voiced & utterly incapable of being told in a simple air on a lute, but must ride on the mingling whirlwinds & rivers & storms of sound of the great orchestra of organ, pipe, sackbut, dulcimer, & all kinds of music. As the musician avails himself of the concert, so the philosopher avails himself of the drama, the epic, the novel, & becomes a poet; for these complex forms allow of the utterance of his knowledge of life by indirections as well in the didactic way, & can therefore express the fluxional quantities & values which the thesis or dissertation could never give.
I do love the word "fluxional".
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