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Twelve Hours

In the wee hours of the morning I tried to wind down from my return trip by grooving to Carl Craig. Then I moved on to early recordings by Cabaret Voltaire and the second Pole record. This morning I jogged to The Field and a 1930 montage of ambient sounds put together by German film director Walter Ruttman, the director of Berlin: Symphonie einer Großstadt. Then I came home and exercised on the trampoline to songs compiled by David Scott for his excellent presentation on the history of disco at the Experience Music Project's Pop Conference. Eventually, I was overwhelmed by the need to revisit the 1970s through my own nostalgia, and put on Chic's Greatest Hits, which I'm hearing for the second time on auto-repeat. I've skipped "Good Times" so far, though, because I want to postpone that bliss until I'm ready to lie back on the pillow and light a cigarette. I think that time has nearly come.
Tags: autobiography, everyday, music
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