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Learning How To Read

Who needs reviled Eagles' songs? These days the sports pages are the place to learn how "every story might be the vehicle for another, different story underneath it:"
"As an outsider, I was amazed," said Brett Tomko, who has pitched against Grissom for many years. "Not to put Marquis down, but he didn't look like a typical No. 3 hitter whom you have to worry about taking you out of the park and hitting .300.

"I never looked at him that way, especially when he played for Milwaukee and L.A. When he came to town last year and I saw the kind of numbers he had, I was like, 'wow.' I really thought, 'What is he doing differently?' Obviously he changed what was going on."

The only change in Grissom's eyes was his health.
Will Marquis be able to see past his own reflection to the submerged threat beneath?

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