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Maybe He Is That Bad - De File — LiveJournal
Does Collecting Make You Feel Dirty?
Maybe He Is That Bad
Because I read Bill Simmons at ESPN.com all the time, I am acutely aware of the criticisms that Celtics fans have levied against their team's coach. Not being especially interested in the team, however, I have primarily paid attention to the ones concerning his treatment of young players, specifically former Cal Bear Leon Powe. After watching tonight's contest with the Pistons, though, I have to say that Doc Rivers really may be as bad as people like Simmons suggest. His substitution pattern truly is without rhyme or reason. A randomly generated scheme would probably look more ordered. And there's absolutely no excuse for the play, if you can call it one, that Boston ran at the end of the game down by four. First of all, the clock is your enemy, so having Paul Pierce dribble vaguely towards the lane is exactly what you don't want. Second, you need four points, meaning that a quick layup is the desired outcome, not a three pointer with a better than 50% chance of being off the mark. Finally, you certainly want your best interior player Kevin Garnett to be near the basket, rather than drifting behind the arc to wait for the ball. Seriously, if Kevin Garnett is shooting a three pointer on a play like that, instead of Ray Allen or Eddie House or even Pierce, well, the coach must bear the responsibility for not giving explicit instructions on what not to do.

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