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Another Objective

Although I'm often taking pictures, it doesn't happen that often someone other than myself photographs me and even more unusual that I get to see the results. That's why it was a treat that Matthew, whom I met on my mid-April trip to Seattle, sent me a link to the shots he took of me at a friend's housewarming party. He was using a traditional camera with black-and-white film, which led to a great conversation about photography before and after the onset of the digital age. I love that this particular photo, though it has obviously been "remediated" into JPEG format, still bears a trace of its development:

I also like the fact that I'm making one of my characteristic faces, the sort I pull in conversation, but which I struggle to capture in self-portraits. Part of the reason is that I'm usually talking with my hands when I make those expressions, something that's hard to pull off when you're holding a camera away from your body.
Tags: archive, autobiography, photography, travel
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