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Does Collecting Make You Feel Dirty?
I Never Thought I'd Say This. . .
. . . but George Will has been making more and more sense to me, even though I am deeply disturbed by the fact that he seems not to have aged one bit since he came to speak to my school when I was in the seventh grade. This transcript of his appearance on Fox's Hannity & Colmes makes him seem way more sensible than most conservative commentators:
HANNITY: Yes. He — we were talking with Dick Morris earlier about the issue of vice president.

Hillary has her surrogates out there working behind the scenes and starting these petitions and putting pressure. She is saying it's Barack Obama's choice. Dick's take is she really wants that position pretty badly. I think I agree with him.

Do you think it would be a good choice for Obama? And do you think she's pressuring him?

WILL: It would be a ghastly choice. Leave aside the fact that Barack Obama right now is the beneficiary of an enormous wave of gratitude from the millions of Americans who thank him for closing the Clinton parenthesis in the history of the American presidency.

Beyond that, Sean, when a voter looks at the perspective vice president, the voter says what if the president dies? When a president look at her — a presidential nominee looks at a potential running mate, he says what if I live?

What if Barack Obama would have her down the hall nursing her grievances and her presidential aspirations which are, I believe, undimmed, he would have her energetic and interestingly...

POWERS: Right.

WILL: ... temperamental president in the wings also with all of his interesting business associates. What does she bring to him? She brings him New York. If he can't carry New York without her he's going to lose anyway.

But people say he will bring the women who were attached to her. Once the women who are her sort of women understand that John McCain is, A, pro life and, B, going to appoint Supreme Court justices, they'll fall into line soon enough.
While I am convinced that Karl Rove is using his newfound role as pundit in an effort to sabotage the Democratic Party with "advice," I think Will is actually giving what passes in his world for an objective assessment of the political situation here. That said, the strangest thing about his take on Obama is that he almost seems to like him.

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schencka From: schencka Date: June 6th, 2008 04:31 pm (UTC) (LINK TO SPECIFIC ENTRY)

G. Will

I agree that he's the most objective on the recent questions. What I don't understand about him is how he, like so much of the "MSM", will move seamlessly from snipy talking points mode to something that sounds logical and right back to pointless banter for the purpose of filling the hot air of the 24-hour cable news cycle.

We get honest analysis about 10-20% of the time *from the best pundits*, I've noticed; the rest of the time George Will comments on things like how foolish women are -- in his view -- for thinking that abortion is a "choice" (and he always uses the scare quotes).

Mark Shields on the PBS News Hour is the only commentator who does not Waste My Time, and I can't say the same for David Brooks.

The approval rating for the press is currently lower than that of President Bush and of Congress, according to a graph I saw on Glenn Greenwald.

cpratt From: cpratt Date: June 6th, 2008 06:11 pm (UTC) (LINK TO SPECIFIC ENTRY)
Don't have time to say much now - dang day job - but there was an article on Slate that I very much admired; it basically argued that the problem was that Hillary wasn't feminist enough. I took that to mean that she held strictly to a Rovian playbook - much like Kerry in 2004 or even Gore in 2000 - and that narrative really doesn't work for non-Republicans. When you get candidates like Hillary or Gore trying to act tough - throwing back shots of Crown Royal, jabbing their fingers at the other person in a debate - it just seems faintly ludicrous; it also reminds me too much of why I hate a lot of politics in the first place. Obama stands (to me, at least) in stark contrast to all of this Boomer-esque faux-macho Rovian dick comparing: he's the only one who's been able to say enough with all of this, this is ridiculous and we need to find another way forward.
From: babyiwasshot Date: June 6th, 2008 09:23 pm (UTC) (LINK TO SPECIFIC ENTRY)
Clinton would be a VP on par with Cheney (one who has an agenda of their own), only the president in this case wouldn't be a deferential pushover who heeds his/her advice, meaning that It'd be like one of those couples who hates each other but stays together on account of inertia, you know?

Will DOES make sense; it wouldn't work.
From: babyiwasshot Date: June 6th, 2008 09:27 pm (UTC) (LINK TO SPECIFIC ENTRY)
PS: Will's words give testimony to the source of any affinities he may have for Obama:

"the beneficiary of an enormous wave of gratitude from the millions of Americans who thank him for closing the Clinton parenthesis in the history of the American presidency."
From: babyiwasshot Date: June 6th, 2008 09:37 pm (UTC) (LINK TO SPECIFIC ENTRY)
Based on the following article, Obama should try to get Hillary's foregin policy guy, Richard Holbrooke, on the side of him and potential secretary of state, Anthony Lake.
flw From: flw Date: June 7th, 2008 01:33 pm (UTC) (LINK TO SPECIFIC ENTRY)
There's been a lot of hubbubb (sp?) lately about peculiar aspects of psychology relating to "accustomization", I'd guess you call it...

If you stare at the sun a light bulb seems dim.

Newt Gingrich seems rational after Bush/Cheney.

Rove, Cheney and Will are all at least rational. Their policies flow from their premises. Their premises are psychotic and "evil", but their is method. When I hear Cheney speak, I think he and Al Gore could sit in a room and agree on everything. It's just that at his core, Cheney thinks (somehow) that it is the duty of the "strong" to fuck over the weak, not just a consequence of "human nature" but rather, somehow, the goal.
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