Charlie Bertsch (cbertsch) wrote,
Charlie Bertsch

"Undead, undead, undead. . ."

My graduate-student advisee, who recently passed his Ph.D. qualifying exams in highly impressive fashion, was in the university news Friday. The reporter was intrigued by his work on zombies:
Bishop, who has been hired as a lecturer at Southern Utah University while completing his dissertation on zombie narratives for his doctorate, makes the case that the zombie was “sired directly by the imperialist system.”

The zombie, he said, is a postcolonial creature that cloaked the racist sentiments of the early 20th century, a time when Westerners who wanted the United States to become an imperial power were, at the same time, consumed with concern about black-white race relations.

Charlie Bertsch, a UA assistant professor of English and Bishop’s adviser, said what makes Bishop’s research so unique is that he interprets both the historic and cinematic references in horror films instead of focusing on audience response.

“He isn’t going to have any difficulty turning his dissertation into a book,” Bertsch said, “because his work is so interesting.”
It's nice to see someone who works so hard and cares so much about his research given such positive recognition. All too often, the rewards of the scholarly life do not come until the recipient has attained zombie status. But Kyle has many years of life ahead of him before he passes that threshold.

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