Charlie Bertsch (cbertsch) wrote,
Charlie Bertsch

Fleshing Out the Allegory

I keep sitting down to write something meaningful, only to realize that I can't sit down to write anything for more than fifteen minutes without my foot and ankle acting up. The strange thing is that I don't have much trouble walking, even on a bad day. It's specifically the angle my lower leg is at when I'm at the keyboard that's the problem.

Enough of that, though. What I'm here to report is that I intend to be more direct here in the coming months, rather than spending all my productive energies constructing riddles that may never be solved. I'll start by saying that I'm poised at a crossroads in my life, but have so far been emulating Hamlet's approach to decision making. Luckily, though, my identification with his dilemma does not extent to his critique of the "too solid flesh" of earthly existence. Shoot, it wasn't that long ago that I discovered the virtues of touch. I'm not ready to surrender tactile sensation just yet.
Tags: autobiography, blogging

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