Charlie Bertsch (cbertsch) wrote,
Charlie Bertsch

Freedom Frogs

A story today on opposition to same-sex marriages in Virginia contains one concerned citizen's statement about the effect of the images being beamed in from the Golden State:
"You watch this celebration, and I honestly worry about indoctrination," Lux said. "It's like the frog in the water syndrome," Moore added in agreement. "You know, the frog doesn't realize the water around it is heating up until it's boiled. I worry that Americans will get used to these images and they'll throw up their hands and say, 'Who cares?' "
The thing is, I think this woman is right. To argue that representation in the media has no demonstrable effects is to be disingenuous. It's just that there are increasing numbers of people, myself included, who wouldn't mind seeing social conservatives boiled in apathy.
Tags: politics

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