Charlie Bertsch (cbertsch) wrote,
Charlie Bertsch

Calculus Requires Breaking Things Into Tiny Pieces

Yesterday I described my new spatial routine, necessitated by the fact that I have to periodically change the angle of my left foot. Maybe it's just a coincidence, but I'm starting to develop a new temporal routine as well. Like many residents of the desert, I have often found myself overcome by an almost irresistible urge to take a siesta in the mid-afternoon hours. Sometimes I do, though my schedule -- and Skylar's -- makes it difficult. Instead of just pushing forward until bedtime, though, I have started taking shorter naps. Perhaps I really am becoming a cat. I suppose it wouldn't hurt me to develop some predatory instincts, so I won't complain if my eyes get slinty.

At present, though, I'm content to figure out whether I can turn this new schedule into productivity. I definitely struggle to rouse myself after waking, even when I only doze for a few minutes. But if I exercise shortly after I do, the time it takes me to be at full mental capacity diminishes sharply. Once I have two fully functional legs again, I plan to make the most of that discovery. Right now, the hardest thing to cope with is my habit of eating a few bigger meals, often late, rather than snacking throughout the day. I think I need to fragment my intake of sustenance to match my new approach to space and time management.
Tags: autobiography, everyday, health

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