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The Force

I took Skylar to her classmate Sedona's birthday party this morning. Kim has been the one to take her to that sort of event, up till now. But she needed a break and I was excited to have some quality time with Skylar after the insanely hectic past few weeks.

The event, held at "Once Upon a Time", a house turned into an intimate party center, was a huge hit. Skylar proclaimed it the best party that she had ever attended.

And yet, Skylar and many of her friends did their pre-school version of the wave, taking turns being petulant and then scolding the presently petulant one for being petulant. There are some seriously bossy girls in that group.

I suppose it's better to be bossy than to always get bossed around.

But let me tell you, you don't want to get in one of these girl's way, whether now or when they're older.

Have a look at Skylar practicing her "Don't screw with me" stare:

I wish I could be that intense.


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