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Candle in the Breezeway

Because Skylar has developed a serious Marilyn Monroe fixation over the past month, we helped her get a six-DVD collection featuring a number of the actress's best-known films. I doubt whether she will like any of the ones she hasn't seen better than Gentlemen Prefer Blondes, which she adores. But because she has reached an age at which she grasps the relationship between text and context, even the films that appeal to her less are still of interest to her. After I picked her up from horse camp today, she decided that she was, as she put it, "in the mood for a documentary." So she watched Marilyn's Last Days, which focuses on the film Monroe was working on, Something's Gotta Give, in the last six months of her life, as well as famous incidents such as her singing "Happy Birthday" to President Kennedy.

Because I was exhausted from spending most of the night sorting and transporting books, I decided I would nap on the sofa while she saw the film. But I rapidly became too engaged in its subject matter, despite its A&E Biography production values, to drift into slumber. I found myself making strange parallels between Monroe's troubles and my own. It wasn't identification in the full strict sense of the term, but perhaps an etiolated version of it. Monroe's response to emotional distress reminded me a great deal of the one I exhibited in high school or, more to the point, now.
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