Charlie Bertsch (cbertsch) wrote,
Charlie Bertsch

April 18th, 2008

I don't usually remember my dreams unless I'm getting more sleep than usual. And I'm bad about recording the ones I do remember. I just stumbled upon an entry from a few months ago, though, that I must have written immediately after waking up or, to be more precise, in that state when one is up without being fully conscious. I had no memory of writing this, but can remember the dream it documents with great clarity now that I've read what I wrote:
My super-detailed dream: I'm in a dense conifer forest. I want to say redwood, but it could also be from somewhere further north, with Douglas Fir and Sitka Spruce. As I typed that last sentence, though, I got a flash of the color of redwood. Maybe it's just the pine needles. But I'm thinking redwood. Anyway, I'm on the edge of the grove, which seems to be, if not crowded, then certainly with a good number of people in it. Like Muir Woods, perhaps. I look up and there are a bunch of people way high up in a tree. I don't see a platform, though I imagine that there is one. Curious about what the people are doing, I stare up. They seem to be strapping someone in. A young man. It looks like he's going to bungee jump. It seems foolhardy. Still, I look. I raise my camera and set it to the "movie" setting. As he begins his jump, I try to press record but there's a slight delay before the commencing of filming. I've lost the beginning, but get it going in time for the end. The camera angle shifts as I pivot to track his fall, he's going to go right over top of me, perilously close. And then he hits the ground, hard. The cord was too long. Is he dead? It seems likely. I look around, but no one seems to have noticed.
Indeed, I recall the dream so well now that I know my record of it was cut short for some reason. Maybe someone else woke up, depriving me of the focus I needed to finish the entry. Anyway, as the dream continued, I realized that the man who had jumped to his apparent death was still alive, though ambiguously so. Eventually, a crowd did gather around his non-corpse, but its members seemed absurdly relaxed given the circumstances. The light through the trees, bright there at the edge of the forest, gave everything a golden glow of "Whatever, dude." I suppressed my outrage at the lack of visceral response to the injured man's plight. That's when I was woken out of the dream.
Tags: autobiography, dream, fragment

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