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Where Have all the Entries Gone?

Something is wrong, either with my laptop's power cord or my laptop. I'm thinking that it's the former, since it was recently returned to me by the Department's "support" people, following some sort of bureaucratic procedure. Perhaps a curse was placed on it. I wouldn't be surprised. At any rate, my lack of communication recently can be attributed to this malady, since I'm on a trip -- to my sister's place in Boise, Idaho -- and haven't been able to do much of anything on the internet. Tonight, however, I plan to stay up late so that I can some overdue work done, since it's the only time when I can work unimpeded without feeling guilty about it.

I'm still getting a feel for Boise. I never connect with a place until I spend time wandering about without a tour guide. Luckily, circumstances allowed me to borrow the BMW for two drives today. The first one was a short trip to Albertson's, Sonic and the closest Starbucks. The second, much longer, was a trek across town to drop my parents at their motel by the airport and, afterwards, reward Skylar for her patience dealing with toddlers by treating her -- and myself -- to a banana split at a nearby Denny's.

Yes, Denny's. Things close early in Boise, in contrast to Tucson, and I wanted to be sure that she got the treat I'd promised. The banana splits were tasty enough -- they are hard to mess up, as I noted to the cashier afterwards, responding to the "How was everything?" question -- and we had a goth punk waiter, which delighted the Bean. She is developing quite a body of alternative taste preferences, at least for someone of her generation, from Marilyn Monroe to boys who, "look like Sami." I won't say I'm pleased, because I'd be pleased with whatever made her happy, but I do feel blessed to be able to have such great conversations with her.

The trip has been good, certainly, but also tiring. As a Bad Subjects flyer once stated, "Hard. Good. Free." Being around a high-energy three-year-old boy is intense. Being around my whole family at once is also intense, though in a negative space sort of way. And being in a subdivision, Hidden Springs, that is like a gated community without the gates has been intense as well. I get nervous in that sort of environment. Even the eight-cylinder BMW in the driveway and the Lotus in the garage here make me nervous, though it's more like nervous excitement. I don't live like this. Nor do my sister and her husband, for that matter. It's a prized, twenty-year-old Lotus and the BMW is an older model as well. Nevertheless, my initial impulse was to recoil into a ball of tension. Now I just want to drive the BMW some more. Well, it's time to get to work, if I can still muster the energy. Tomorrow we are supposed to go rafting on the Boise River, which should be a lot of fun.
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