Charlie Bertsch (cbertsch) wrote,
Charlie Bertsch

Shoot the Singer

I mentioned a few days ago how I was trying to relax my control of the camera. One benefit, I hope, is that I'll appear in more of the shots in my archive. When Skylar has the camera, though, as she did for a few minutes near the end of our long drive through the Rockies in Idaho, the primary consideration is giving her a chance to redeploy her prodigious artistic talents in a medium she has, until now, only briefly explored.

We had stopped to take in the slant-light view of the area we'd just come from. Since we had been listening to Skylar's favorite Marilyn Monroe songs for hours, she suggested that I document her performing "Diamonds Are a Girl's Best Friend." I got some good shots. But then she had the idea of photographing me doing my version. And I can say, with no exaggeration, that her results surpassed mine by a large margin.

The previous week, her last at Art Camp, she had a photography class in which much of the work involved taking pictures of one's classmates doing strange poses. I think that practice paid off in the series you see reflected here. For one thing, she grasped the idea that you have to keep shooting. For another, she became more aware of the margins of the frame, a development that I naturally applaud.

I especially like the way these two shots make the landscape look like a screen onto which my image has been superimposed. The contrast between foreground and background alone is enough to make me laugh.

Although the foreground makes the photo -- I'm willing to look silly if it makes for a good shot -- my longings are directed into the distance. As I wrote on our trip, many of the sights I saw in Idaho reminded me of California. I know that homesickness -- or adopted homesickness, I suppose -- is a big reason for that impression, but it isn't all self-delusion. This vista reminds me a great deal of the sort you see crossing the Coast Range from the Upper Sacramento Valley on the way to the Pacific. I miss the strange emptiness of that region. I would love to take Skylar there sometime soon.
Tags: analysis, daughter, photography, travel
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