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Tarnished Moments? - De File
Does Collecting Make You Feel Dirty?
Tarnished Moments?
Tonight's NCAA men's basketball final was an anti-climax after the great semifinal games on Saturday. The better team one. And the best player won Most Outstanding Player. The fact that Emeka Okafor is also graduating after three years with a GPA over 3.7 has been repeatedly noted by sports commentators. Who can blame them? With all the heat the NCAA has been taking for football and men's basketball graduation rates, it's wonderful timing to have the best player on the court turn out to be the best student on the court.

But, as much as I love Okafor's game on and off the court, recent conversations about the shame of college athletics are still casting shadows over my enjoyment. That's good practice, though, because I'm about to live through a baseball season in which the moments those rare longtime Barry Bonds fans have been looking forward to will play out in a place almost entirely blocked from sunlight.

Fitting that the Giants won their first game right as the NCAA Final was just getting started. Will anybody care that Bonds once again rescued his team with a three-run homer?

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