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Litter at Inspiration Point

In only my second day up here, I have found the perfect place to work between classes. It's a café near my morning class that has fast, free wireless and a comfortable leather seat with a superb combination of spot lights and indirect sunlight from outdoors. The decor is a little 80s, in a European-furniture way, but my back is so happy at this angle that I will allow myself to be transported back to the awkward days when I confused the Pointer Sisters with Van Halen. The only problem is that I can see one of those coupon booklets they distribute to college students on the floor in front of me, just to the left of my laptop screen. My obsessive compulsive tendencies are activated by intrusions in my field of vision, so this is a big deal for me from the standpoint of my psychological state. But I am reluctant to get up and move the booklet, because it's hard to imagine sitting back down at a better angle. So I decided to write this entry instead, in the hopes that someone else might pick it up in the interim. Unfortunately, since no one has come to my existential rescue, I am now going to have to sit the laptop down and do it myself.
Tags: everyday, humor

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