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Just a Classic Girl

I went to Parent Night at Skylar's school last night. While dismayed to learn that the homework load had not been reduced from last year, despite many complaints, and was further dismayed to perceive a mathward slant in the nature of that homework, I was cheered by her teacher's clarity of purpose. The best part, though, was reading what Skylar had written for the occasion. In addition to the predictable reference to the kitten she has been promised by winter, she gave an interesting summary of her interests. Some I knew. But I was greatly surprised to read the sentence in which, without prompting, she declared that, "The Rolling Stones are my favorite band." I don't think that's really true, though she has been enjoying the songs I've played for her in the car since she became an expert at singing "Gimme Shelter." Even if it isn't, though, the fact that she wanted to present herself in that way is intriguing. Since she was in pre-school, she has referred to things she likes, almost always in opposition to the trends of the moment, as "classic." Hell, she even referred to the codeine she took after having her tonsils removed as, "classic medicine." What I'm realizing now is that "classic rock" lends itself to being easily subsumed under that highly personal rubric.
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