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Laugh While You Still Can

American comedians should be praying that Sarah Palin prevails in her struggle for, I mean, against dark patriarchy, because she truly is a godsend to their calling. For example, this Huffington Post piece on the reasons she trumps Barack Obama is very funny, even if predictably so:
Yes, Sarah recently admitted that she didn't know exactly what it was the Vice President did. Yes, she wants creationism taught in public schools. Yes, she doesn't believe global warming is manmade. But I'd like to point out the fact that she wears glasses -- and that's not something dumb people generally do. Obama? No glasses.
Personally, Palin reminds me of the sort of church-going women who strike fear in my heart, the sort that takes her convictions -- and they are all convictions that appall me -- more seriously than her male counterparts. And if Americans are dumb enough to elect her ticket, I'm going to leave the country.
Tags: humor, politics
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