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Exception Breaks the Ruler

Here's an interesting piece on the Connecticut basketball star Emeka Okafor I wrote about yesterday after the men's NCAA final.

Maybe he is "too good to be true" for industry to deal with. I don't suppose we'll see too many more like him, though, so the coaches being criticized for only paying lip service to scholarly demands can rest easy.

Incidentally, I've taught enough college athletes to know that Okafor's get-up-at-1am, go-back-to-sleep-at-4am schedule is a rational response to the intense time pressure put on players during their team's season.

I once had Tony Gonzalez, now an all-star tight end for the Kansas City Chiefs, in a course when he was playing football and preparing for the basketball season to follow. The workload he endured was astonishing. And he still did his best to meet his academic responsibilities. But there are only so many hours in a day.

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