Charlie Bertsch (cbertsch) wrote,
Charlie Bertsch

Further Musings From the Duck Blind Today

Sitting here in my favorite seat for the past four hours I have been pondering the thoughts of the strangers who have passed through, from the homeless woman who deposited her large bag next to the sofa and then proceeded to neatly organize the café's Monopoly game to the African-American student with a Greek-lettered shirt and a pick in his semi-afro who, upon looking up to see news photo of someone being tasered not only exclaimed, "That is bullshit!," but then proceeded to address the women sitting to his left: "You have to agree with me that what we're seeing is complete bullshit."

For the first time since I started coming here, someone changed the channel from Fox News to CNN. I wonder what led to that move. It didn't happen until the extremely efficient but also slightly "off" barista with the early-morning shift -- someone who seems to me to be a manager -- had left. I like his manner, especially the way he talks up sleepy-minded customers. But he also declared that the Fox News ticker was reporting more details of the incident in which Barack Obama called Sarah Palin a pig.

Although the novelty of the music played over the café's speakers has worn off -- those XM playlists aren't that long, leading to eventual redundancy -- I have still gloried to here some favorite songs, among them the teenage Prince's "I Want To Be Your Lover" and, a few minutes ago, The Village People's "Y.M.C.A.," a song which always makes me unconscionably happy -- it was the first 45RPM I purchased for myself -- but has special meaning now, given what I'm teaching. Speaking of which, it's time to go talk about Sinclair Lewis's Babbitt in such a way that I make the 1920s communicate with the present as loudly as possible, the Valley of the Sun being ground zero for present-day Babbitry in the United States.
Tags: everyday, history, literature, media, music, politics

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