Charlie Bertsch (cbertsch) wrote,
Charlie Bertsch


Thanks to driscoll, I learned of Stephen Colbert's delightful meditation on the Shakespearean associations inspired by the 2008 Presidential race. As an added bonus, it concludes with a conversation between Colbert and a guest with strong ties to my alma mater and, what is more, someone I once watched a San Francisco Forty-Niners game in a mirror-ceilinged bedroom suite. Who said my life was dull?:
I love the idea of McCain as Macbeth. And Obama does appear dangerously lacking in blood flow to the extremities at times, a condition with which the Prince of Denmark has to deal. Anyone want to join me in a game of figuring out which Shakespearean character Stephen Greenblatt most resembles? I mean, aside from me.
Tags: humor, literature, politics

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