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Fair and Balanced, Issue #2,933,434,841

It never gets old, this rigorously objective approach to conducting an interview:
HANNITY: Governor, you in the last couple of days, this past Saturday, The New York Times came out with an article about the relationship between Senator Obama and a man by the name of Bill Ayers. Bill Ayers takes credit for — of all days — in The New York Times, September 11th 2001 says, I don't regret setting bombs, I wish we did more. A man who admits to bombing the Pentagon, the Capitol, New York City police headquarters, whose motto was — get all the rich people, break their cars and houses, and go home and kill your parents. How big — we expected this would come up last night in the debate. It did not. What — what more do you want to know about this relationship? What does it tell you about Barack Obama?

PALIN: Tells me again we need to question his judgment. And — not only those terrorist activities that Bill Ayers was involved in, but the questions need to be asked, I believe, when did Barack Obama know of these activities? We've heard so many confliction stories, and flip-flop answers about when he knew the guy, did he realize that he knocked off his political career in the guy's living room?

First it was yes, and then it was no. It comes down to again, judgment and truthfulness and a candidate's character.

HANNITY: Well we know — we know that he did kick off his political career —

PALIN: Right.

HANNITY: — in his house. The year was '95. You know they sat on multiple boards together. We know they've given speeches together. We know there's been sort of a back and forth financially. Ayers contributing to Obama, Obama sort of working some money back through them.

What questions, Senator, would you like answered as it relates to this relationship? And do you think the American people should care about this?

MCCAIN: I think they should care about Senator Obama's truthfulness. I don't care much about an old terrorist and his wife who are still unrepentant. By the way, she was as much or more active than Mr.Ayers was.

But the point is, it's not about them. It's about Senator Obama being candid and straight forward with the American people about their relationship. He has dismissed it by saying he was just a guy in the neighborhood. You know it's much more than that. Let's reveal all the details of that relationship and then the American people can make a judgment.

HANNITY: But here's a question — his answer is, well, I hardly knew him. I was 8-years-old when he committed these — quote — "despicable acts." That's his answer.

But he was in his 30s and 40s when he sat on a board with him — and was in living room. And I guess my question is, should the American people be concerned that he's capable in a post-9/11 world of fighting terrorism, when he is friends with an unrepentant terrorist?

MCCAIN: Well, I think that's also part of the judgment the American people make. But first, I think we ought to have a full and complete examination of the relationship. And then the American people can make a judgment. And so far, I think it's very clear that he was a lot more than just a guy in the neighbor.
If I have to slog through much more of this bullshit, I may give Bill Ayers a call and ask him for the recipe for his favorite cocktail.
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