Charlie Bertsch (cbertsch) wrote,
Charlie Bertsch

Soon I Might Be Saying, "I Knew Him When."

A classmate at the school I attended for six years, from seventh through twelfth grade, is running for Congress as a Democrat in a district where Republicans have long had a significant advantage. But guess what? He has a decent chance of winning:
The last poll we saw from this open seat race, a DCCC internal from Grove Insight, had the race tied at 36-36 -- a result fueled in part by outgoing GOP Rep. Wayne Gilchrest's endorsement of Kratovil in early September. Since then, the DCCC has come in with over $630,000 in expenditures against Harris.

While the Harris campaign predictably is scoffing at these numbers, it seems telling that we haven't seen a GOP-sponsored poll of this race since July. So in response to two promising polling results for Kratovil in a row, will they now put out some of their own numbers?
I don't want to get too optimistic, knowing what I do about that district. It sure would be exciting, though, for someone I knew as a teen -- and, what is more, liked and respected -- to get elected to the House.
Tags: friends, politics

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