Charlie Bertsch (cbertsch) wrote,
Charlie Bertsch

Devil's Night Might Come Late This Year

I do think the Presidential race is tightening, even though many experts seem to think that Obama's lead is solid. And I also think that it is tightening most in places where the robo-calls and other attempts to present the Democratic candidate as someone who palls around with both terrorism and socialism are likely to be most effective. Right-wing talk radio is hitting all of the McCain strategists' talking points over and over, even if they are still not that enthusiastic about the candidate himself. Furthermore, attempts to question the legitimacy of votes coming from predominantly Democratic districts are starting to get traction. From where I sit, this all adds up to the possibility that November 4th could be a day of tension for those who are hoping for an Obama victory. I also know that if McCain were to prevail somehow, there would be a lot of Americans out there collectively angry in a way that this nation hasn't seen since the 1960s. Even if there were no question about the outcome in a voting sense, the tactics of the McCain campaign, which have made even Karl Rove's strategy for George W. Bush in 2000 and 2004 seem mild-mannered, could come back to haunt him and the nation's social order with a vengeance. Then again, things might just keep plodding along the way they have been. It's hard to get a full measure of a rage that has yet to be fleshed out. But I wouldn't want to be driving a car with a McCain-Palin sticker in certain neighborhoods if their ticket comes out a winner.
Tags: politics

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