Charlie Bertsch (cbertsch) wrote,
Charlie Bertsch

Now As Then

On the way home from school today, Skylar and I stopped at Trader Joe's for provisions. As we were getting out of the car, she mused on the birthday present in her hands, an American Girl "Just Like You" doll.

"Dad, some people think that these dolls aren't as interesting as the historical ones, like Molly, Nellie and Julie. . ." I ticked off their respective periods in my heads, the way I always do, being the date-bound person that I am: Molly is 1944; Nellie, 1904; Julie, the newest addition to the series, 1974. I have read some of their stories. They interest me a lot more than the dolls that are supposed to simulate their owner.

"Yes, Sky." I tried to muster the same enthusiasm for Delilah, who was about to accompany us on our shopping expedition.

"Well, Dad. If you think about it, there really isn't any point to saying that some dolls are historical and some aren't. It's just that this doll is about right now. She's from the Bush Era. Or maybe even the Palin Era. Just like me. The doll is historical and so am I." I marveled at her insight.

"I mean, this time seems especially historic, because of the economic crisis and the crazy election." She paused. "People will remember it as very important. But everything is history if you think about it the right way."

Even when Skylar was only a few months old, long before she could speak, I had the distinct sense that she was outthinking me. I welcomed the impression. It was nice to feel outthought. And it still is.
Tags: daughter, everyday, history, theory

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