Charlie Bertsch (cbertsch) wrote,
Charlie Bertsch

"Your Battery Level Is Dangerously Low!"

I'm hoping that the worst of this bug is over. Aside from the intense sore throat, it hasn't led to particularly unpleasant symptoms. Itt sure has made me tired, though. I arrived home before 6pm today and felt like it was already bedtime. Since Skylar is enjoying her usual stay-up-late Friday and her mother is out of town, I have forced myself to resist the tug of sleep. Unfortunately, that resistance has not translated into meaningful productivity. I have a review to finish, vast amounts of grading to get done and other onerous tasks of a professional nature to undertake. Yet instead of making headway on any of them, I have spent the evening disconnecting and reconnecting computer cables. I need to get things stabilized on the technology front, so it's not like I'm wasting time. The mindlessness of the task does make me feel sheepish, however. What happened to the brilliant ideas I had for writing about High School Musical 3? Why haven't I been able to muster the will to sit down and read some theory, even though I know it will make me happy? How is it that I don't even feel that I have the powers of concentration to watch one of the many foreign movies I have on DVD? And to what extent, finally, must my faculties be impaired if I can't even get it up for Sportcenter?
Tags: autobiography, everyday, humor

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