Charlie Bertsch (cbertsch) wrote,
Charlie Bertsch

Turning Bad Apples Into Good Cider

Dismayed to learn that I wouldn't be able to watch the Big Game today, I have been sitting fitfully at the computer, monitoring scoreboard updates. Thanks to siyeh's timely input, though, I realized that I would, contrary to my mistaken assumption, be able to see this year's Apple Cup, a game to which I've been ironically looking forward for weeks. After all, how often does a rivalry game of that stature feature a 0-10 team against a 1-10 team whose sole victory wasn't against a BCS-level opponent? Predictably, though, the game has been a lot of fun to watch. We're in the second overtime now and the Cougars, astonishingly, are playing well. I'm rooting for them, though I'm not sure why, since I feel bad for Ty Willingham and it would be better for Cal if the Huskies prevailed going into their season-ending clash with Washington in two weeks. Maybe it's just that I'm feeling the hometown crowd's never-say-die enthusiasm. The Huskies just missed their field goal. All the Cougars need is a score. Meanwhile, Cal just lost an onside kick to Stanford. All I can say is that the Bears better not blow their 37-3 lead or I really will do violence to myself.
Tags: sports

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