Charlie Bertsch (cbertsch) wrote,
Charlie Bertsch

The Past Tense of Break Is ______

Although I was kind of low on Thanksgiving, oddly without much appetite, the extended holiday was wonderful overall. I caught up on my rest. I made further headway on resolving the computer problems that were making it hard to resolve non-computer problems. And I had a great time when I left the house, all without feeling the need to blog about it. The problem, as all you nine-to-fivers have known for a long time, is that the respite has to end, in spite of my desire to prolong it. Right now, my body is pursuing various strategies for making it impossible for me to resume my regular workload, whether by constricting my respiratory system or making me randomly dizzy. I'm onto its deceitful ways, though, so it's unlikely that those strategies will prove successful. Instead, I intend to press on and resume making semi-regularly appearances here in which I will mask my frustration at having to return to normalcy.
Tags: autobiography, everyday, work

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