Charlie Bertsch (cbertsch) wrote,
Charlie Bertsch

What's the Best Way To Help Find a Lost Dog Using the Internet?

I went for a long bike ride as the sun went down in an effort to decompress from holiday stress and to store up some relaxation in advance before dealing with more holiday stress. The sky was beautiful. My "alternative" playlist came up with consistently great songs in shuffle mode. And I got the workout I needed. But the ride ended on a sad note. While turning down my favorite nearby road, a dead-end, I saw a car ahead rolling towards me at coasting speed. At first I thought they were just lost or perhaps looking for a good spot to admire the view. But then the driver motioned for me to stop. It was an elderly man connected to an oxygen tank. He was very distressed.

I asked him what was wrong and he explained that he was looking for his wife's lost dog, which someone thought they'd spotted nearby, down in the wash, just north of La Cañada. He explained that she was a shut-in and that the dog was her constant companion. She had been disconsolate since she disappeared on the 23rd and refused to celebrate the holiday. Not being a dog owner, I'm not sure what the best approach would be to help this man.

For what it's worth, the dog is an eighteen-month-old champagne Lab that answers to "Molly." She's not that big, by Lab standards, and has a pink nose with a dark spot. "She looks a little like a pig," the man explained. What makes this tale even sadder is that the dog was severely abused before he and his wife took her in and might exhibit residual wariness around strangers. He has contacted the Oro Valley Police and the Humane Society, but I'm betting there's some social networking way to get the word out about this. Facebook? Craig's List? The man seems ill-equipped to make use of the internet and I'd like to help him. Any ideas?
Tags: advice, everyday, how-to, local, tucson

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