Charlie Bertsch (cbertsch) wrote,
Charlie Bertsch

Distraction as Therapy

I made the mistake of visiting Google News just now. I'd managed, thanks to a multi-hour internet outage, to take a break from reality. I had a leisurely dinner, washed some dishes and saw parts of three college basketball games. I found myself rooting hard for ASU to beat UCLA, primarily because it would be to Cal's benefit, and for the Wildcats to prevail over USC, for that same reason and other, more complicated motives. And then I cheered St. Mary's attempt to overcome the loss of their best player and defeat WCC bully Gonzaga. I didn't think they would. And they didn't. Too many turnovers. The same was true for the Sun Devils, but their excellent outside shooting more than compensated. And James Harden made a ton of great plays. I've been slow to get on his bandwagon. But the way he was dishing the ball tonight made me a believer. Now I have to gear up my anxiety about this weekend's Cal-Stanford contests. Somehow worrying about something so inconsequential counts as a stress-reducer in the present climate. Maybe I'll shut the internet off more often.
Tags: analysis, everyday, sports
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