Charlie Bertsch (cbertsch) wrote,
Charlie Bertsch

Fresh and Clean As a ____

I feel really, really good today. My allergies were giving me hell when I woke up, but I went on a hard bike ride, exclusively in high gear, and seem to have suppressed my natural histamines with the help of this morning's Claritin. I'm starting to wonder whether I haven't, shamefully, taken the cue from the birds that are chirping all about. Could it be that I actually welcome spring here now, even if it comes way too early? I know that being able to exercise regularly again is helping my mood. I can't wait to get physical again, starting with the hardwood for which I am presently destined. But maybe it's just the pleasure of making a poll -- a big thank you to those who have already responded -- that has dislodged the blockage in my mind. Whatever the reasons, I am most happy for the change. Indeed, my good feeling is so strong that I am going to imaginatively share it with those LJ friends who need a little something extra right now, such as chefxh, who has been really sick and stressed out from trying to finalize the purchase of a house, e_compass_rosa, who has to travel to Mexico to help a relative in distress, siyeh, who is dealing with a lot of the same issues I've been confronting myself and xxxpunkxgrrlxxx, who has had a rough go of it over the past week in a personal relationship. Feel better, folks!
Tags: analysis, autobiography, blogging, everyday

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