Charlie Bertsch (cbertsch) wrote,
Charlie Bertsch

This Home Cooking Leaves a Bitter Taste in the Mouth

The Cal women lost to USC today in the most excruciating fashion, after fighting back from a thirteen-point deficit with a little over six minutes to go. Despite the fact that Ashley Walker obviously never came down before directing the ball into the basket and had her fingertips off the ball before time expired, the officials ruled that her shot was impossible because one only has time to make a tip-in in the three tenths of a second the Bears had to work with. That decision was galling enough. But what made it even worse was that the play before it had also been tampered with by the officiating crew. Although several tenths of a second expired between the time the first official signaled for a jump ball and the time the clock stopped, no time was put back on the clock. Even a tenth of a second would have been enough to remove all doubt about whether Walker's shot was "possible." All I can hope is that the Cal players and coach are seething to such a degree that they start the NCAA tournament fired up and ready to go.
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