Charlie Bertsch (cbertsch) wrote,
Charlie Bertsch

The Apex of Reflex Without Reflection?

I continue to be fascinated and at times repulsed by the uses to which Twitter is put. I know I'm probably making a specious distinction when I complain about the degree to which Twitter and Facebook updates short-circuit reflection while mourning the decline in personal blogging of a wordy sort at sites like Live Journal, but I can't help myself. Take this Tweet from this morning, for example:
I just burned my tongue! Making some soup, and burned it while tasting. What a day.
My first thought was that it was an April Fool's provocation. But given the frequency with which this particular person posts -- and often about the need to post more frequently -- I am pretty sure that it was sincerely intended. Perhaps "intended" is too strong a word, though, or insufficiently intended. To repurpose one of my favorite analogies, most Twitter content is analogous to the category of manslaughter, an action undertaken on the spur of the moment without deliberation, rather than first degree murder. "I just burned my tongue!" is only slightly more pre-meditated than the exclamation one spits out upon burning it. I think I'll make an update playing off that convergence: "I just posted to Twitter!"
Tags: blogging, humor, new media

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