Charlie Bertsch (cbertsch) wrote,
Charlie Bertsch

Where I Stand

I would like to see a Michigan State-Villanova final. But it would be hard to complain about UConn-North Carolina as an alternative. Or the other possible combinations. My principal rooting interest, though I favor the Wildcats slightly over the Spartans -- I'm swayed by the Michigan angle and the thirty-year anniversary of the victory over Indiana State -- is to see Tyler Hansbrough fail to win a title. I know that sounds mean. He annoys me, though. As Bobby Knight pointed out in one of his master classes, the bug-eyed Tar Heel travels more than Willy Loman. Plus, it would be awesome to watch Roy Williams cry again, not because I hate him, but because it's one of those classic hoops moments that never get old.
Tags: sports

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