Charlie Bertsch (cbertsch) wrote,
Charlie Bertsch

Endurance Test

The transition from Seattle on just about the nicest possible April day there to Tucson on a day that feels like the pre-Monsoon stirrings of early June is truly brutal. The strange thing, though, as I've learned before when returning from there or the Bay Area or Back East, is the best remedy is to spend time outside in the heat, rather than avoiding it like a vampire that has to stay out of the sun at all costs. I was just feeding the prematurely active tortoise -- Felicia doesn't like to hibernate and is also apparently a huge fan of plums -- and watering plants in the back yard while giving the outdoor cat Thing Two plenty of rubs and feel energized by my exposure to the elements. Then again, the fact that I finally had my "morning" coffee also might have something to do with it. So might my distance from the computer, which has been making me tense of late. Too much time attempting to write means knots in the back of my neck. Plus, it's Earth Day, right? I'm glad I transplanted the tomatoes that hadn't withered completely in my absence. It feels good to have dirt under my nails. A lot better than it feels to be holding the mobile phone in my hand. I could do with a moratorium on incoming calls for a month.
Tags: everyday, pets, tucson, weather

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