Charlie Bertsch (cbertsch) wrote,
Charlie Bertsch

This Series Has Potential

Until this year, I hadn't watched Yao Ming play much in important games. He has been injured a lot during the playoffs, obviously, and the Rockets are not a team I follow. That's why I was greatly impressed with his performance against the Lakers tonight. He's more fluid than I'd remembered. That spin move in the fourth quarter that led to him being hacked was sweet. It's also clear that he wants to win more than pad his own stats.

That seems to apply to Houston in general. During the Portland series, I was surprised at how good the Rockets looked as a whole, even when the match-ups seemed to favor their opponent. What's going to make the rest of the current series interesting is that there are match-ups this time, as TNT's commentators -- props to Chris Webber for making a nice point about Rick Adelman's offense and his use of a post, then repost approach -- just remarked, might favor Houston, aside from the obvious asymmetry where Kobe Bryant is concerned.

Specifically, I'm thinking of the fact that the Rockets can alternate Ron Artest and Shane Battier on Bryant -- even #24 will get worn down sometimes by that tag team -- and outquick the Lakers' anemic guards with Aaron Brooks and Kyle Lowry, who are inexperienced but tough and talented. And Yao is a pretty good interior defender, though slow laterally. Oh, and his English has gotten really good! He handled the rather lame questions in the postgame interview very nicely. All in all, there's hope for a good series here.
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