Charlie Bertsch (cbertsch) wrote,
Charlie Bertsch

Not Much I Can Say

I was going to post a quote from Sigmund Freud today, but didn't have the focus to find the right one. There were good things about the day. And not-so-good-things about the day. I feel too inarticulate to write adequately about either. The pressure to have it be a special day weighed on me, especially as afternoon turned to evening. So I just threw up my hands and stopped trying to make the square peg of reality fit my hexagonal box. It helped that Skylar and I decided to defer the activity we had originally planned to do together until Friday, when we can undertake it without the stress of having to get to bed early. Plus, it will be just me and her that night, which will make it easier to sustain a mood that pleases both of us.
Tags: everyday

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