Charlie Bertsch (cbertsch) wrote,
Charlie Bertsch

Point of Reference

When Skylar got home from her martial arts class today, we talked about Michael Jackson. She barely knew who he was, which I attribute more to the sort of culture to which her parents have exposed her than to his declining fame. I told her that she'd want to remember the moment, regardless of her ambivalence, because it would be one of those historical events that would get brought up over and over in future years. Still, she seemed nonplussed. So I came up with an analogy. "It's like when Marilyn Monroe died," I told her. Finally, she seemed to understand that this wasn't just a case of a minor personage passing away. It was interesting, though, that I had to use Marilyn as a point of reference, considering that she died six years before I was born. The harder I think about what Skylar's perception of history will be as she grows up, the more difficult it becomes to imagine it resembling my own.
Tags: daughter, everyday, history, media, music

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