Charlie Bertsch (cbertsch) wrote,
Charlie Bertsch

Back To Foreplay

We're going to experience something this week that I've managed to avoid in my nine years living in Tucson. Although this year's Monsoon season has already arrived, a little earlier than the average start date, its effects on the weather are going to disappear almost entirely over the next week. I know that such a reversion to the worst days of June is not that uncommon, statistically. I'm pretty sure it has happened, to a lesser extent, since I moved here. I was out of town, though, and didn't have to bear the brunt of the disappointment.

In a way, this may actually work out better in the long run, provided the Monsoon effects return with full force later. This year's Monsoon didn't arrive with the dramatic shift in weather that makes its longed-for return so exciting. June was cooler than usual. And the humidity built up gradually. Indeed, the weather was sufficiently mild that the brutality of the first storm of the season, which usually breaks numerous branches off of our mesquite trees, was tempered.

While I'm not eager to deal with the consequences of microbursts -- those are the brief, hurricane-strength gusts that do most of the damage during thunderstorms here -- I could definitely benefit from the thrill of a violent storm that comes raging in after several days of brutal dry heat. But if someone up at central command is reading this, I would greatly prefer it if this round of foreplay led to a climax at the beginning of next week, rather than deferring it further into July. I can handle 110 degrees for a day or two, if release is coming. Longer than that, though, and my emotional weather will take a severe turn for the worse.
Tags: everyday, health, tucson, weather

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