Charlie Bertsch (cbertsch) wrote,
Charlie Bertsch

Presence and Absence

A few years ago, when internet troubles kept me from posting for several days in succession, I received a number of concerned messages from friends, both of the Live Journal and "meat" world sort. When I failed to post for several days in succession this week, nobody thought it remarkable. And it wasn't. I post now when I have something to say. Lately, I haven't felt like there's much of anything I can say in public that's worth saying. Or private, for that matter. Still, I was saddened by my failure to have my absence register with anyone. But then I remembered that, even though I haven't posted here, I've commented on other LJ-ers' journals, as well as leaving traces of my "travels" on Facebook and Twitter. It seems that disappearing in cyberspace requires more dedication now than I'm willing or able to muster.
Tags: autobiography, blogging, everyday
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