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Retroactive Auratic Experience

Well, since everyone keeps asking me about Ana Marie Cox, in light of Sunday's New York Times feature on Wonkette, I will spill the beans.

Yes, I did visit her in her apartment. But only once!

No, I never figured out how she got the scar.

Yes, I purchased a Silkworm album after she told me that Urban Outfitters was using Silkworm in its in-house magazine.

No, I never understood the East River Pipe fixation.

Yes, I started reading Beer Frame on her recommendation.

Beer Frame

No, I don't think she and Paul are still on good terms.

Yes, I wish she'd stayed in graduate school.

No, I'm not sad that Suck has departed the earth.

Yes, I was a little put off by her business wear and martini glass when I talked to her that time in the anteroom bar area of Bimbo's during the Noise Pop festival.

No, I don't have a thing for redheads. Or maybe I do, but not Ana's sort.

Yes, she always struck me as a psychologically damaged person.

No, I don't hold that against her.

Yes, this editor's column was co-written by the two of us. Could I have penned that bit about the gold watch?

No, I don't feel that she was particularly kind to us after departing the Bad Subjects fold.

Yes, we should be grateful to her for the transformation she wrought on both our design sensibility and our sense of ourselves.

No, I don't think she has room in her brain to remember that time in her life.

Yes, you may send this to her.

No, she won't write back.

Peace out.


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