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Picture of the Moment - De File
Does Collecting Make You Feel Dirty?
Picture of the Moment
I've redone my links to include one for the photo album in which the pictures taken by friends and family are archived. It includes two photos I uploaded but, for various reasons, never included in an entry. So I'm going to catch up with an exercise in contrast.

The first photo shows Skylar sleeping on her mom, during her first day in the world:

Skylar Sleeps On Mom:

The second dates from our vacation last month. A half hour earlier, Skylar had asked for a straw sun hat for sale in a shop full of curios and second-hand items. Seeing that it was a new hat, made in China, and selling for $16, we said, "No."

Skylar was annoyed at first, but we eventually got her to make a more practical purchasing decision. We walked back to the awesome Pannikin coffee house, so Kim could use the bathroom and order more stuff. Skylar and I waited outside. And the gears started turning. She began to talk about the hat, seeing whether a new strategy might soften our resistance. When it became apparent that I was not going to give in, Skylar began to show me some of the attitude for which she may one day be famous. This is the face of a fearsome intellectual adversary. Trust me.

Future Attitude

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