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De File
Does Collecting Make You Feel Dirty?
An Anniversary, Ms. Havisham Style
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elizabeg From: elizabeg Date: August 31st, 2009 06:42 pm (UTC) (LINK TO SPECIFIC ENTRY)
My own blogiversary is coming up too. I haven't thought about it much, though--probably because it depresses me to think about how much my blog has shifted from an archive of experimental prose/poetry and a record of my efforts to get a handle on online interaction, audience, performance, etc--to... I don't even know. Mindless posts about the growth of my garden, recipes, and a locked archive of my efforts to stay afloat while writing my dissertation. It makes me sad that I've become so much less "interesting." I also comment less, and I know this. Less frequent posts and comments are partly due to the physical strain it puts me through now to sit at the computer any longer than I have to. But that can't be all.

I do hope you don't leave this place, though. For what it's worth, I can't get into the note function of Facebook AT ALL, or Facebook much at all either. And even if there's less back and forth here now for many of us, I still love meeting you here in this space, which feels more like a space of your own devising.
cbertsch From: cbertsch Date: September 1st, 2009 02:43 am (UTC) (LINK TO SPECIFIC ENTRY)
I eventually figured out how to make the Facebook notes thing work to an extent. But it's still pretty unsatisfactory.

As far as what you have been posting to LJ, I think the problem may not be the mundane stuff -- your friends like to hear about your garden etc. -- but your clear sense that it's too mundane to be of much interest to anyone. Maybe lowering the bar a bit would help?
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